February 8, 2022 | Cooking

20 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

Ideas for Valentines Day Dinner at Home

Let’s get real for a moment. Have you ever tried to go out for a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day? Was it really a nice dinner? Maybe you had dinner, but it probably was not overflowing with happiness after spending hours waiting on a table. This can quickly spoil the mood. Because so many people go out to eat it just takes away from the quiet romance you are seeking. 

So, what do you do? How can you have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day? Cook an amazing meal at home. In this article, you will discover some ideas for Valentine’s day dinner at home.

Set the Tone

While you can eat anywhere as long as your food tastes good, it is important to set the tone for the meal. If you are forgoing the restaurant to eat at home, transform at home into a romantic setting. 

Decorate the dining room – or an outdoor table setting if you live in an area that allows it this time of year. Use a tablecloth, candles, and the best dishes. Add some rose petals to the table for an extra touch. Then, dress up. Get fancy and make it feel like a date night without ever leaving home. And, by all means, remove any distractions so that you can solely focus on each other. Turn off the television and put on some slow-dancing favorites, send the kids to grandma’s or wait until they are in bed to get your night started, and dim the lights. Bring the focus to each other and the meal you are having, forgetting the world around you for an hour or two. 

Keep in mind that decorating the space is only half the battle. You also have to fire up the kitchen and cook a delicious meal for your special someone. After all, the most beautiful table setting in the world can’t make up for a gross dinner. 

Ideas for Valentines Day Dinner at Home

Take into consideration your preferences and that of your significant other – and design the menu that will give you a perfect meal. Start planning now so that you have everything ready to go. And, if necessary, do a practice run-through of cooking the dish to make sure it will make the night unforgettable – in a good way. 

Here are 20 ideas for Valentine’s day dinner at home.

Creamy Chicken and Pasta

With a little wine and a lot of creamy, this pasta made with chicken, mushrooms, scallions, and cheese both looks and tastes fantastic. No one will even know that it was so simple – and fast – to make. It’s rich and delicious. What more could you ask for? 

Grilled Pork Chops and Cannellini Greens

Ready to fire up the grill? These dry rub pork chops will leave a lasting impression. The secret to these chops tasting so good is the Greek seasoning that is used as a dry rub. Grill them to perfection. Use cannellini beans, onions, artichokes, and olives – with fresh spinach – to create the ideal side. 

Prime Rib

Who doesn’t love a rare, juicy prime rib? If you and your partner do, then this one is sure to melt in your mouth. Want to know the trick to the best prime rib? You can’t cook it at high temperatures the entire time. For instance, you can start with your oven at 450-degrees, but only for about 30 minutes or so. Then you drop it down to 250-degrees for the remainder. This keeps it from overcooking and from drying out. 

Chicken Parmigiana

Some chicken parmesan can be incredibly soggy and gross. This one, however, is quite the opposite. It is crispy, juicy, and delicious. It has the right-tasting marinara sauce and cheese that is so gooey and creamy melted over the top. It may seem like a simple dish for the holiday, but it is one that is sure to please both of you. 

Sesame Salmon

Sesame Salmon with wasabi mayo can make you feel like you are enjoying sushi – without the roll. The flavors are all there and it is a delicious, simple meal – yet very impressive. Serve it with a side of sticky rice or a cucumber salad. 

Strawberry and Cream Croissant French Toast

Why not have breakfast for dinner? Or kick off Valentine’s Day with breakfast in bed? Top this crisp yet creamy decadent breakfast with either a drizzle of maple or chocolate syrup. 

Or, if you want to make the night delicious with tapas and dessert while you focus on the champagne or wine and the love of your life, then why not create a charcuterie board? Take it to the living room and watch a rom-com or whatever you two are into. Be sure to include fruit, cheese, chocolates, toasts or crackers, and the like. There are so many things you can add here to make it beautiful and scrumptious. Plus, you can easily personalize it to your preferences. 

Bringing it All Together

Now that you have some ideas for Valentine’s Day dinner at home, you can enjoy a romantic night in the comfort of your own home (and kitchen).

Want to go over the top? Invite your partner to dinner. Even if you are married to him/her – formally send an invite to dinner. It’s romantic and sure to bring butterflies. This is a great way to make it extra special. 

From avoiding long waits at local restaurants – and giving your food a personal touch, rather than takeout – you can create a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner and date without ever leaving home. Decorate the space, cook a delicious meal in your kitchen, get dressed up, and enjoy. You will feel the love in the air.