Are French Door Refrigerators Better?

Are french door refrigerators better?

Refrigerators have been around for decades, but they have changed quite a bit over the years. Each new model is getting a little better than the one before it. The latest – a french door refrigerator – is split down the middle and opens up for easy access to the unit. These refrigerators continue to grow in popularity and have taken up permanent residence in some of the most classy kitchens. So, why does everyone want one? Are french door refrigerators better?

Let’s talk about it.

French Door vs. Side-By-Side

If you are scratching your head wondering what the difference is between a French door refrigerator and the side-by-side refrigerators from years ago, then we’ve got some answers for you.

On a side-by-side, the refrigerator and freezer were separated vertically. The freezer would go from top to bottom, usually in a narrow portion on one side. The refrigerator would get the other side from top to bottom. It may have been a wider space than the freezer, but it still didn’t have a lot of space.

These were common refrigerators, but they were definitely tough to maneuver on grocery day. And the one who was successful at stacking that freezer had to have a high score on Tetris.

Now, the french door refrigerators are different. These have the separation horizontally, with the refrigerator up top and the freezer on the bottom. That way, you have the full width of the unit to work with – and that makes life so much easier. And since both refrigerator doors open, you get a wide view of the entire fridge. This, combined with the freezer drawers, brings a lot more organization, too.

THOR Kitchen’s Refrigerators

Thor Kitchen is known for making pro-style, high-quality products – and their refrigerators are no exception. These units are made with shiny stainless steel that is both beautiful in the kitchen and also very durable to stand the test of time. It is even easier to keep clean, so your kitchen will always look fresh.

Let’s take a look at two of their models of French Door refrigerators and all the features they have to offer. Thor Kitchen does not disappoint.

36-Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator

THOR’s 36-inch professional french door refrigerator, model number HRF3601F, has not one, but two freezer drawers that are the full width of the unit. And with the french door refrigerator section, you can see inside your fridge from every angle. There will be no lost leftovers here!

Plus, it comes with some pretty awesome features, too, including:

Storage Space: There is ample storage space in this refrigerator – 20.7 cubic feet, to be exact. And it is flexible so that it can fit all those big or odd-shaped items you have.

Showcase LED Lighting: Sometimes, it can be tough to find things in the refrigerator, especially after grocery day. Showcase LED lighting is positioned throughout the refrigerator so that you have clear visibility from every angle.

Dual Cooling System: Having good humidity throughout your refrigerator is important to keep food healthy and to avoid freezer burn. With Thor Kitchen’s dual cooling system, this can be achieved.

Automatic Ice Maker: An automatic ice maker means you will always have ice cold drinks whenever you want them. Get ice on-demand!

Door Storage: With gallon door storage, you have space for those bulky gallons of water, milk, and juice without taking up shelving space. This also means you don’t have to worry about them blocking your sight too.

Door Alarm: Leaving the refrigerator or freezer door open can leave you with a huge loss in spoiled food. A door alarm will alert you when the doors have been left open so that you can promptly shut them!

Adjustable Racks and Shelves: For optimal organization, this french door refrigerator comes with adjustable racks and shelves. They are retractable too, giving you many different configurations so that you can fit any item with ease.

Freezer Drawers: Freezer drawers pull out and give you plenty of space to store frozen items. You can keep things neat and organized, too. Both drawers offer a lot of space so that you can always find what you are looking for easily.

36-Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser

If you like the breezy convenience of having an ice and water dispenser right there on your refrigerator door, then THOR’s 36-inch professional french door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, model number TRF3601FD, maybe your favorite option.

It, too, comes with a ton of features that will make you want to make space for it in your kitchen. Check them out!

Storage Space: This large refrigerator boasts a whopping 22 cubic feet of space. You will have space for everything.

Flex Drawer: These drawers work great for meats, veggies, beverages, wines, anything – because you can set the perfect temperature for anything!

Crisper Drawers: You get two humidity-controlled crisper drawers that will keep your produce fresher longer. And they are a great flexible storage space, too.

Triple-Tech Cooling System: Another great feature, the triple-tech cooling system controls the temperature of each compartment with a separate airflow, increasing humidity levels and reducing frost build-up.

Door Storage: Having an ample amount of door storage – even for gallon-size bottles – frees up a lot of space on your shelves.

Showcase LED Lighting: As mentioned above, LED lights are placed throughout the unit so that you can always see everything.

Adjustable Racks and Shelves: Having adjustable racks and shelves allows you to organize everything and make room for those large or odd-shaped items.

Super Freezing and Cooling Function: This feature helps to keep food fresh by accelerating the freezing and cooling process of a freshly stocked freezer or refrigerator by dropping temperatures to the coldest settings within 24 hours.

Individual Ice Maker Cooling Control: Your ice maker is sealed off from the rest of the unit, so you don’t end up with ice that smells or tastes funny. Plus, the water for the ice is filtered, too!

Freezer Drawers: Freezer drawers allow you ample storage and easy access to all your frozen goods.

Door Alarm: And, finally, because you don’t want your food to go to waste, a door alarm will gently let you know that your doors have been open for too long.

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If you have ever wondered what makes a french door refrigerator so incredible, now you know. The question is – when are you going to get yours? Shop now with THOR Kitchen by looking up your nearest dealer.

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