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Should You Buy a Professional Range for Home Use?

Should you buy a professional range for home use?

Asking yourself whether or not you should buy a professional range for home use is like asking yourself whether or not you should drive through a green light. It is just the right thing to do.

Whether you are building your kitchen from scratch or looking to remodel it, you want everything to flow nicely and be totally functional. A professional range that is designed for home use can be the perfect addition. Why? Because a professional range comes with a set of features that you don’t find on every other residential range. And it is built with strength and longevity in mind.

So, again, should you buy a professional range for home use? Absolutely. Here’s why.

It’s an Investment

48 Inch 6 Burner Professional Gas Range in stainless steel with two ovens – HRG4808U / HRG4808ULP
48 Inch 6 Burner Professional Gas Range – HRG4808U / HRG4808ULP

So many appliances these days seem disposable. You use them for a couple of years, and then they break, costing more to fix than it is to buy another. This can turn into an ugly cycle.

professional range, however, is a different story. It gives you functional use for a really long time. These ranges are durable and built to last. No matter how many times you use it, it shows up to get the job done. Having such a reliable appliance can bring back the joy of cooking for you. You will be cooking over and over again.

This investment, of course, isn’t only for your love of cooking. It also works to boost your home value.

Extra Space + Some

Choosing a professional range for home over other options means having more space. They are designed for heavy use and, for some, that means cooking feasts. You will find ranges that have extra burners and griddles to help you get the job done. And some have ovens large enough to fit multiple dishes and depending on the model you choose, you may even find yourself with a double oven.

No matter how much extra space you need, you will find that a professional range is the one to give it.

Durability and Strength

Professional ranges have durability and strength that can handle being used frequently.

One of the beautiful things about these appliances is that, although they are strong enough to handle life in a commercial kitchen, they don’t lose the soft beauty that makes them a perfect fit for a residential kitchen. In other words, it is like having the best of both worlds – you get something strong and long-lasting without sacrificing any of the good looks.

You can rest easy knowing that when you go to adjust the knob on the range, it isn’t going to fall off. Or that their stunning stainless steel appearance will continue to look as beautiful tomorrow as it did yesterday.

Made with Stainless Steel

Commercial kitchens are often decked out in stainless steel for a couple of reasons. For one, stainless steel is non-porous. That means it doesn’t have any pores to hold bacteria or germs that can be spread in the kitchen. When you wipe the surface down and clean it, there is nowhere left for anything to hide. This will keep your family safe – and may be the #1 reason why you decide to opt for stainless steel appliances.

Another reason to opt for stainless steel is that it is easy to clean. Using water, mild soap, and a soft cloth, you can clean the surface. Add some oil to a soft rag and buff it with the grain, and any shine you were missing will quickly return. There is no need at all for chemicals. This is also another way to keep your family safe.

Finally, stainless steel is stunning. It is a timeless finish that can be with you throughout any design change you may decide to make over the years, as well. Whether you like traditional, modern, contemporary, elegant, farmhouse, or something else, your range will fit the look.

Quality Parts

We mentioned that these ranges are designed with durability and longevity in mind, but in order to make that happen, they have to be made with high-quality parts. This makes it nice because you never have to worry about your range breaking easily. Your daily cooking isn’t going to put great strain from wear and tear on your range easily, so you can feel confident that you are investing in something long-lasting when you purchase a professional range for home.

Incredible Features

A professional range needs to be equipped to give you a greater finished product when you are done cooking. So it doesn’t make sense that you would get the same features. Instead, with a professional range, you can enjoy some incredible features, including:

-Burners that are easily able to handle simmering as well as they can boiling – and every temperature in between.

-Luxglide telescopic racks that will glide out and extend with ease – without tipping and spilling the contents. Even the heaviest dishes are safe.

-Adjustable racks (including the Luxglide) so that you always fit any size dish.

-Infrared broiler.

-Commercial convection fan for even baking.

LED control panel lights that give the range a bit of a pop in color while also being energy efficient.

-Continuous cast-iron cooking grates that can handle any size cookware without looking worn over time.

-Black porcelain spill tray for easy cleanups.

-A griddle that can be used flexibly for additional cooking space.

-Blue porcelain interior within the oven for easy cleaning.

-Heavy-duty knobs that won’t break easily.

-Electric ranges with smooth glass top.

-Multiple baking modes, such as bake, convection bake, broil, convection broil, etc.

Buy a Professional Range for Home at THOR Kitchen

Now that you know you can enjoy all that they have to offer without sacrificing beauty, go ahead and buy yourself a professional range for home use. Between all the perks that come with it as well as all the features and the longevity, you are sure to realize one day down the road that it was the wisest investment for your kitchen.