December 11, 2018 | Cooking

12 Different Ways to Cook A Turkey During the Holidays

Different Ways to Cook A Turkey

There are so many things that are different in this world. The way we choose to live, work, and play. Thankfully, it is the differences we find that keep things from being dull and boring, don’t they?

How we celebrate the holidays may be different, too. How your family celebrates is likely to differ from that of your colleague’s family. And, your next-door neighbor’s traditions will likely be different, too.

These differences spread into the food we eat, as well. Just as how every turkey is unique, so is the way you can cook it. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of ways to cook a turkey – and we’ve got twelve of those ways to share with you today.

1. Jamie Oliver’s “Best turkey in the world” recipe.

Orange turkey, anyone? What if you stuffed your turkey with clementines and herbs? Our first turkey is a roasted turkey that has an herbal, citrus flair. The flavorings work together to get a citrus spice that complements one another.

Rosemary and other fresh herbs keep this a light turkey delight.

2. A mayonnaise-roasted turkey.

When you decide to roast something, do you ever reach for the mayo? This is definitely not a likely choice for roasting. But sometimes you can get amazing results from something completely unexpected. This is a perfect example.

Create a mixture of fresh (or dried) herbs of your choosing. Then, mix them with mayonnaise and coat the bird liberally. Add some chunks of onion, butter, and celery for added flavor. Roast the turkey for the recommended time.

Rest assured, your final product will be juicy and delicious – and will not taste like mayonnaise.

3. Smoked turkey with bacon butter.

You can smoke all sorts of meats, such as ribs, pork, and chicken. So, why not roast a turkey? The smoky flavor is sure to be loved by all who are sitting around your table. Now comes the bacon butter. This blended combination of raw bacon, butter, and spices that is slid underneath the skin and all around the bird gives it a flavor you will love.

4. Slow cooking turkey with a honey glaze

There is no reason why you can make a sticky mess around your table this holiday season. If you choose to cook this fall-off-the-bone turkey, you won’t regret it. The sticky sweet taste is delicious – and will leave you wanting more.

The glaze is made with a combination of sriracha, cayenne pepper, honey, and spices. You know it is done when the meat falls off the bone.

5. Maple glazed bacon butter turkey

This recipe is like a combination of two turkeys (think pancakes and bacon). The sweet, sticky maple glaze combined with a salty flavor of bacon -what is not to love? Here you will find whole slices of bacon lying across the top. They crisp up as you bake the turkey.

This winning combination – maple and bacon – are very complementary to one another. And, of course, they offer a wonderful addition to any holiday table.

6. Bacon wrapped turkey

If you’d like to skip the mess with the sticky glazes, you could just go ahead and wrap your turkey in bacon and leave the sweet stuff for dessert. Bacon is something that just about everyone loves. So, smothering your turkey in strips of bacon can be a win-win for the flavor combo.

Create a lattice-type covering with the bacon on your turkey. The best part of this recipe is the bacon and onion gravy that keeps the turkey moist and oh-so-tasty.

7. Deep-fried turkey

Everything tastes good when it is deep fried. Chicken, fries, and even Oreos. So, it only makes sense that deep frying a turkey would leave you with something wonderful to eat. We should also probably mention that it is one of the fastest ways to make your holiday turkey, too.

Experiment with seasoning and oils and find the best flavor combination to suit your liking.

8. Barbecued turkey

Fire up that grill and watch how juicy your grilled bird is when it is time to eat. Grilling is a healthy way of cooking and it gives meats such a wonderful, unique flavor. There should be no reason why you can’t through that turkey on the grill, too.

If done right, your turkey will be flavorful, juicy, and tender. Plus, as an added bonus, you free up your oven for all the sides and desserts you have to cook.

9. A crockpot turkey

If crispy skin is not what you are about, then you may love to use your crock pot to cook your holiday bird. It is simple to throw the turkey and all your spices in at once, turn it on, and just let it go. What results is a juicy, flavorful,fall-off-the-bone turkey.

Just as the grilled turkey, utilizing your crock pot also means that you can free up your oven for other pressing dishes.

10. Grilled Jerk turkey

Why not have a festive turkey with a flavor of the islands? Fire up that barbecue pit and load on the Caribbean jerk spices. This will give you a twist on a traditional turkey, both in the way you cook it and the flavor of the final product.

11. Stuff it with other birds

Have you heard of a turducken? This is a chicken inside of a duck that is inside of a turkey. This provides a unique surprise when the turkey carving begins. The flavor combination is delightful, too.

12. Stew your turkey

Why not do something totally out of the ordinary this holiday season. Instead of cooking a whole, traditional turkey, why not make a hearty and scrumptious stew. Fill it with all the flavors of the holiday season – and warm your family with the chunky stew.

What’s your favorite way to cook a turkey?

Well, there you have it. It is differences that make our world so colorful. Why not bring these differences to your table this holiday season by choosing a unique way to cook your turkey?