December 27, 2021 | Ranges

The Benefits of a Large Electric Range

electric range with green cabinets

Have you ever cooked a big meal and served at least one dish lukewarm because it finished before the rest – or because you had to cook in shifts? 

When you have an electric range that doesn’t have adequate space, you will find yourself struggling and stressing trying to prepare a big meal. And, with holidays coming up – you do not want to find yourself in this situation. 

Investing in a large electric range means investing in yourself. You get to have everything you need to nourish those you love – without the high levels of cortisol flowing through your body due to being stressed and anxious. Though, of course, that’s not the only benefit of a large electric range. 

The Benefits of a Large Electric Range

If you are in the market for a new range and you want the one that will bring you the most benefit, then you may find yourself wondering which is better – electric or gas? And you may wonder what size may work best or what features you really need. There is a lot to consider so let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with investing in an electric range. 

Ample Amount of Cooking – and Baking Space. As we discussed, having adequate space is important if you want to be able to keep everything happily fed with a hot meal. When you have a large range, you have the space to get everything taken care of at the same time so the main court and the sides are all hot and ready to go. 

The Heat You Need. The most basic need when it comes to cooking is having heat. You can’t cook without it. So, having a reliable, never-ending heat source is very beneficial. With a large electric range, you will find yourself with more heat than gas ranges. So, that should answer your question about whether you should choose electric or gas, right? 

Simmering and Low Heat. Sometimes you cook or bake delicate foods. You need them to cook but you don’t want to scrape them off the bottom of the pan because they burnt. An electric range will provide you with a consistent level of low heat to help you cook things just right.  

Even Heating. Imagine putting a half-baked meatloaf in front of your kids and telling them to have at it. Someone may just end up sick! You need to thoroughly and evenly cook your food before consuming it. If the part you checked was cooked, you assume the rest is, too, right? Not always. But with a large electric range, you will find comfort in the fact that your food – whether a meatloaf or a tray of brownies – will be baked to perfection. 

Easy to Clean. If you have a large electric range, it is super easy to keep clean. And that is especially true with smooth glass top ranges. No need to go in and out of grooves or even take anything apart to reach the dripped, dropped, or spilled food. Just wipe it off! When you have a burner and pieces of what you are cooking fall into it, you have to wait until you turn that burner off and it cools before you can clean it. By that time, you are really having to scrape the burnt mess up. Who has time for that? Not you – that’s who!

We could keep going on and on with the benefits, but we know how excited you are about learning which large electric range can give you all these things – and fulfill the rest of your dreams. So, let’s get to it. 

Your Large Electric Range

Thor Kitchen has a 36-inch professional range – model number HRE3601 – that is built just for you. It is a pro-style range which means it is designed with durability and reliability that you and your family can always count on. And, designed with a stainless steel finish, it looks fantastic, too, regardless of your kitchen decor. In fact, this long-lasting range can make its way through years of decor that you change without ever being out of place. 

You will find that this range comes with many features, including: 

A Smooth Glass Top that, as we discussed, makes cleanup much easier. Though, it also keeps your range looking sleek and smooth, too. In other words, functionally and aesthetically, it is perfect. 

Five Heating Elements allow you a lot of flexibility when cooking. You have a 100W warming size (so your sides are always warm) and a powerful 3,000W quick boil element and everything in between. 

True Convection Fan is an addition that allows for even heat and even baking – so that the results are also delish! No half-cooked meatloaf like we talked about above. 

LED Control Panel Lights offer an added bonus of both aesthetics and functionality. Not to mention that they are also energy-efficient which is also a bonus. 

A Large Oven Capacity with 6.0 cubic feet of cooking space means you can cook multiple things at once – or one heck of a rack of ribs.  

Heavy-Duty Control Knobs give you confidence that you can always have control of your range. Knobs are used a lot and they can break very easily. To prevent that from happening with this pro-style electric range, they are designed to last. 

Blue Porcelain Interior adds a pop of color and style to your range. So not only will you have something stylish and beautiful, but it is really easy to clean, too!

Multiple Cooking Modes allow you to make use of the range’s full benefits, from baking convection bake, broil and convection broil, and more. Your family is going to think you truly are a magnificent chef. 

So, are you still asking yourself what the benefits are of a large electric range? There are so many out there. All you need to do is use one, such as the pro-style stainless steel range from THOR Kitchen. And, all your questions will be answered.