February 28, 2019 | Ranges

Large Gas Ranges Help Bring the Big Breakfast Back

Cooking for the whole family can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right kitchen appliances.

Discover how large gas ranges can help bring the big family breakfast back.

large gas ranges

Photo by Rachel Park

Large Gas Ranges Help Bring the Big Breakfast Back

Having a large family can have many benefits.

You always have loved ones nearby to celebrate holidays or important life events. You have a support system to which you can count on. And, you can enjoy great company and conversation while eating some delicious food. All in all, simply having a large family can make life more fulfilling.

But, all of these familial perks do not come without some disadvantages. For instances, sometimes having a large family means not ever being alone, having to share space, never being able to find a free bathroom when you need it, and, of course, an increased demand for food.

While you can’t ditch your large family, there are things that you can do to make life more enjoyable – and easier.

And, it can start with a large gas range.

Cooking for the Whole Family

If you’re looking at new gas ranges, it’s important to consider the needs of your family before making a decision.

Cooking main dishes, side dishes, bread, desserts, and the like all require different temperatures and different cooking times. This means you must keep your space organized and your eye on the timer. But, what happens when your meatloaf needs to cook at 375-degrees while your casserole must cook at 425-degrees. Do you have cold meatloaf or cold casserole? Because they surely cannot cook at the same time.

Let’s not even mention manipulating the stove top. A standard stove comes with four burners – two small, two large burners, generally. What if you are making multiple sides or require the use of more burners? Something is going to have to go cold – and with all the burners being used, forget about using one as a means of keeping food warm.

Perhaps it is time to leave your circus act behind and upgrade your range to one that will benefit your large family. What do you say?

Benefits of a Gas Range

If you have finally made the decision to upgrade your range to one that will fit your large family well, then you may be wondering what type would best fit your needs. Believe it or not, you may find the most benefits from a gas range. Here’s why:

  • Gas ranges provide you instant heat. In other words, when you turn them on, the flame appears, and it begins providing heat. Unlike electric options that require heating coils, you can get started on your family’s meal in a much faster manner.
  • You will have better control over your heating temperature. When you turn it up, the flame increases and so does your heat. The opposite happens when you turn the knob down. This reduces the chance that you may overcook Wasted food when budgeting for a house full is not a good thing.
  • Gas ranges are energy efficient. They don’t have much residual heat that requires your air conditioner to continuously work harder. Plus, since they run on gas, they don’t require the use of much electricity.
  • In times of power outages, your range will still work. This is very beneficial to a large family.

We could keep going, but you get the idea – gas ranges are a great option for large families.

A Large Range has … Range

The Thor Kitchen LRG4801U offers a brilliant variety of features capable of accommodating the largest of families.

lrg4801u large gas range

Here’s a look at what it has to offer:

  • You can clean up easily thanks to the porcelain drip pan.
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron cooking grates are strong, durable, and easy to remove for cleaning.
  • It has not one, but two ovens. The first one offers you a cooking space of 4.6 cubic feet. The second is smaller, however, with an oven capacity of 2.2 cubic feet.
  • Your oven comes with a commercial convection fan which is essential for even baking.
  • Thick glass oven window (three layers, to be exact) keeps heat in and provides a more efficient space for heating.
  • For added convenience, you will find that this range has a storage drawer on the bottom.

The best part of this large range is that it comes standard with six burners. That means you can stop your juggling act once and for all. And, start cooking with ease.

Final thoughts…

Time moves fast. So, taking the time to cook a meal for your family each day may be the one thing that keeps everyone coming back together at the table. Cherish these moments while you provide your family with the nutrition they need to thrive.

Of course, don’t stress yourself out in the meantime. Get yourself the large gas range you need to keep up with your family without feeling overwhelmed. You will find space to cook the most delicious meals – and it will all be hot at the very same time.