October 18, 2021 | Wine Coolers

Master Your Wine Game with this Modern Wine Cooler

cheers with wine glasses

Do you love drinking wine? 

Rookies think drinking wine looks like a cool club that they’d like to join, but aren’t really sure how to. For the occasional wine drinkers, it is all about the sophistication that comes with drinking wine. Why, yes, bartender, I’d love a glass of your finest chardonnay. Just letting that sentence roll off your tongue while you are out at a business meeting makes it sound like you are a little bit fancy, friend. And then the way you get to hold your wine glass — well, let’s just say it gives you a chance to show off a little more class. Though, the truth is, you may have no idea what you are doing at all. 

And for the wine connoisseurs of the world, wine is a way of life. They are always on a quest for the best bottle or the rarest one to add to their collection. They know what wine is supposed to taste like, how to pick out a quality version, and the best way to drink it.

It doesn’t matter where you fit on the wine consumption scale – from novice drinkers to professional wine drinkers – everyone can step up their wine game when they have the right modern wine cooler

Why a Modern Wine Cooler?

You may be scratching your head asking, why a modern wine cooler? Maybe you have had your wine stored in the refrigerator or on top of it for years. What’s wrong with that? Well, technically everything. You can store wine wherever and however you want to, but there is absolutely no guarantee that you are enjoying that bottle of wine how it was intended. 

Have you ever wondered why there is such a thing as a wine cellar? Why do people go through all that trouble? 

Here’s the cold hard truth – wine has some serious rules about how it is to be stored if you want it to taste its best. If you don’t really care about the taste or quality and just consume wine for the alcohol content, then you should definitely keep reading because you are missing out. 

Vibrations. There is a certain amount of sediment that naturally appears in a bottle of wine. This is normal. However, you don’t want it to go sloshing around in the bottle more than it has to to get from point A to point B. While we don’t want to get too technical, all this shaking can end up dulling the flavor of your wine. 

This is why storing a wine bottle on top of a refrigerator, for instance, is a bad idea. The vibrations from the fridge will cause the sediment to be disturbed and will change the taste of your wine.  

Proper temperature. You probably know by now that you drink white wines chilled and red wines can be either served at room temperature or chilled as well. Though, ideally, reds are to be chilled to a slightly warmer temperature than whites. 

All of this is hard to keep track of – especially if you are storing them in your kitchen’s refrigerator. Not only is it set at the wrong temperature, the fact that your family is in and out of it all day long means that the temps are fluctuating. And this will ultimately impact the overall taste of your wine

Keeping the cork moist. If you have ever wondered why wine bottles are usually stored on the side rather than standing up, the cork is to blame. See, once air hits the wine, it begins to lose its taste. Air triggers the oxidation process and the wine can become a little, well, rancid with time. Therefore, the cork is there to keep the bottle secure so that no air can leak in. 

Unfortunately, when corks begin to dry out, they will crack and allow air to seep through. By storing the wine bottles on their sides, the cork stays moist and the wine stays fresh. It’s a win-win. 

Thor Kitchen’s 42 Bottle, Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Are you ready to take your wine game to the next level? You can with this built-in wine cooler that offers both great stainless steel looks and functionality. Model no TWC2402 comes with so many features and the space for a lot of wine. You can display your collection (be proud!) and also ensure that each bottle is going to taste just how the vineyard intended. 

Precise Temperature Control. Digitally set your temperature between 41 and 65- degrees Fahrenheit. Choosing the perfect temp for your wine selection. 

Dual Temperature Zones. Do you like both red and white wine? No problem. With two zones capable of maintaining their own temperatures, you can properly store the red and white each at their own optimal temperatures. 

Pull-out Racks. While your collection will be displayed through the front glass and with the use of LED interior lighting, you can also pull out the racks to show off your collection and find the perfect bottle of wine for your dinner tonight. Talk about some easy access! 

Security Lock. You always want to protect things that mean a lot to you and – and those that are valuable. If you are a wine connoisseur, then your wine collection likely fits both of those things. The security lock keeps out unwanted guests — including your teenagers!

Door alarm. We’ve talked about how important it is to maintain the proper temperatures for storing your wine. The unfortunate event of accidentally leaving your wine cooler door ajar can damage your goods. With this door alarm, you can rest easy. 

By the way, did we mention this wine cooler holds 42 bottles of your most prized wines? Ok, we did. But it is definitely worth mentioning again. See, not everyone has the ability to have their own built-in wine cellar. With this built-in wine cooler,  you can still have a beautiful place to store your wine – and in the right conditions, too. This is sure to be one purchase you won’t regret.