August 10, 2023 | Outdoor Kitchen

The Ultimate Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

It feels good to spend time outdoors in the fresh air, especially when it is in your own backyard. You can sit by the fire pit, go for a swim, or just relax as the sun sets. 

Taking the time to create a welcoming patio and backyard oasis makes the perfect space to spend time with your guests. With the right furniture and decor, it can truly be a cozy spot to socialize. And with the addition of a nice table, you can even enjoy a meal together under the stars. 

Sounds like perfection? Perhaps. Except there is something missing—  the ultimate stainless steel outdoor kitchen. 

Unless you want everyone enjoying their time together in your backyard while you are inside your kitchen cooking, it is time to bring the kitchen outside. And we have everything you need. 

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

There are so many reasons you can benefit from having a stainless steel outdoor kitchen suite. Aside from the beauty and strength of the finish, there are many other reasons to make this investment. 

  • Boost your home’s value. A backyard can either be viewed as wasted space or it can be optimized. Make it comfortable and functional with an outdoor kitchen. As you increase your livable space, you are increasing the value of your home. 
  • Reduce your utility bills. Every time you cook indoors, the heat from your appliances will make the HVAC and ventilation systems within your home work overtime. Not only is it trying to get the heat out, it is trying to cool the space down, increasing your utility bills. What’s more, when you have everyone going in and out from your kitchen to your backyard, you are releasing all the cool air. But when you cook outdoors? None of this matters. 
  • Maintain a clean, fresh house. Cooking brings odors. And while certain foods may taste delightful, you don’t want to bathe your house in their scent. Cooking is also messy. Keep your house clean and fresh by taking the cooking outside. 
  • Create the perfect social space. When your friends and family come over, you can keep your house put together by ushering everyone straight out the back door. You will have everything you need to keep the gathering outside of your home when you have the perfect social space. 

The Ultimate Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen 

Now that you are amped up and already thinking of ways you can enhance your backyard, you won’t have to worry about finding your stainless steel outdoor kitchen. Why? Because we already have you covered. 

Check out this ultimate outdoor kitchen suite. 

32-Inch, 4-Burner Stainless Steel Grill

The grill is the most important part of an outdoor kitchen. And this 32-inch, 4-burner gas grill is no exception. It is powerful enough to cook anything, yet delicate when it needs to be. Not only can it grill food, but it has a rotisserie, too. 

This powerful pro-style appliance comes with a list of features that will enhance your overall cooking experience, including: 

  • Halogen lights and LED knob lights are a plus when cooking after dark
  • Four burners, one 13,000 BTU infrared and 3 12,000 BTU tube burners
  • Easy to move when needed
  • Made of durable stainless steel to increase longevity

This outdoor grill is designed to sit securely on a 32-inch grill cabinet.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet

You could use your hose, we suppose, but why would you want to? Having a sink outside as part of your outdoor kitchen suite is a game-changer. This stainless steel sink cabinet gives you the perfect place to rinse your hands, utensils, ingredients, and more. It is convenient and will quickly have you questioning how you ever got by without it. 

Underneath the sink is an extra storage cabinet, a built-in spice rack, and a bottle opener. 

Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven and Cabinet 

Whether you are a pizza fanatic or not, you will benefit from an outdoor kitchen pizza oven and cabinet. A wood-burning stove will give your foods a smokey, savory flavor that can add to any dish. And just because it is a pizza oven does not mean you can only use it for pizza. There are many other ways you can take advantage of what it has to offer. 

It has some great features, it is stylish in stainless steel, comes with a large storage cabinet, and has a ceramic pizza stone. Most importantly, it adds to the kitchen suite. 

Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator Cabinet

A kitchen isn’t complete without a refrigerator. And this outdoor kitchen refrigerator cabinet can snuggly house the 24-inch under-counter refrigerator drawer or a dual-zone wine cooler. Either one will keep beverages cold — reducing the need to have to go inside to get a drink. And the refrigerator drawer will work well to hold perishable ingredients for cooking. 

Either would be a fantastic addition to the space. 

Outdoor Kitchen Corner Cabinet

Finally, to complete the look of the ultimate stainless steel outdoor kitchen, you need a corner cabinet. This brings the suite all together. 

This cabinet is extra large with a lot of space to house anything you need to store, especially cooking and grilling utensils, cleaning supplies, and more. And while its storage is beneficial, so is the countertop. It gives you plenty of room to do any prep work when cooking. 

Transform Your Backyard Space with THOR Kitchen

If you are ready to bring your kitchen outdoors and reap all the benefits of it, then you need to invest in a stainless steel outdoor kitchen suite that is going to rise above the rest. THOR Kitchen is where you’ll find it. 

We offer high-quality and durable outdoor pieces that allow you to configure your kitchen in a way it will fit best for your space. With the large surface space and the masculine aesthetics, this is the grill master’s kitchen. It gives you everything you need to #cooklikeagod. 

Shop online or find a local retailer near you.