December 29, 2021 | KITCHEN APPLIANCES

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Stylish Kitchen Appliances

modern open space kitchen

Have you been thinking about upgrading your kitchen? It is normal to dream about creating the perfect space for you and your family. After all, you spend a lot of time in this area of your home so it should be a space that you enjoy and find welcoming. 

Take a moment to imagine how it would feel to step into a space that just made you feel great. Then, think of what you would need to make that happen. New flooring? New cabinetry? Or – how about new appliances? What is it about the space that could use some sprucing up? 

New appliances can not only change the look of the entire kitchen, but they can also make you excited at the joy of using a brand new clean refrigerator or cooking on a range that has a built-in griddle so you can experiment with all sorts of new recipes. You don’t need to tear out the entire space or call in a contractor – upgrading your appliances can be the transformation you are looking for. 

If you are ready to take the plunge and upgrade your kitchen with stylish kitchen appliances, then here’s what you are going to need. 

A Range

How about a 48-inch dual fuel range with a built-in griddle? Model number HRD4803U from THOR Kitchen has exactly what you are looking for to add some pizazz to both your kitchen – and your cooking and baking. It is a pro-style range that comes with a beautiful stainless steel finish and durability that will last for years (or until you are ready to upgrade again). 

Dual fuel allows for you to have the best of both worlds. You get gas for the cooktop because every chef knows that cooking with a gas stove leads to much more precise cooking. And the oven is electric because, well, every baker knows that gas ovens do not provide consistent, even baking – but electric ovens do. 

Here are a few features to look out for: 

  • High-powered BTU burners, ranging from 650 BTU to 18,000 BTU
  • Luxglide telescopic racks that extend without tipping 
  • Energy-efficient heating
  • Two ovens, one 4.2 cubic feet, and the other 2.5 cubic feet
  • Continuous cast-iron cooking grates for easy cleanup
  • 15,000 BTU griddle for cooking all kinds of new recipes
  • Blue porcelain interior for style

A Refrigerator

Are you interested in a new refrigerator? If you are serious about transforming your kitchen, then you should be. Refrigerators can get cluttered and dull over time. Spills never get cleaned up, the outside has pictures that your 8th grader did in 1st grade, and it’s just, well, an eyesore – and time for a change. Consider a new refrigerator to be a fresh start. 

With this 36-inch stainless steel french door refrigerator from THOR Kitchen, model number HRF3601F, you get plenty of space to organize your food – including two big freezer drawers. It is easy to clean and keep clean. Plus you get all these additional features, too: 

  • 20.7 cubic feet of flexible storage space
  • Showcase LED lighting
  • Dual cooking system to maintain the proper humidity – and prevent freezer burn
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Ample door storage – even for gallon jugs
  • Door alarm to prevent leaving it open too long
  • Adjustable racks and shelves
  • Big freezer drawers for easy access
  • Stainless steel finish that is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean

A Dishwasher

If, as part of your kitchen upgrade, you would like to either let go of hand washing dishes or step up your cleaning game, then you need to add a new dishwasher to your kitchen. Besides, technology has changed over time, which means dishwashers today have all sorts of new features and water-saving, energy-saving technology that older machines do not. This means that investing in one will not only allow you to totally upgrade your space, but it comes with other bonus benefits, too. 

THOR Kitchen’s 24-inch built-in stainless steel dishwasher, model number HDW2401SS, is a great option for any kitchen. It will keep your dishes clean and will save you time and money, too. Take a look at some of the features you will get with this incredible dishwasher:

  • Powerful spray arms that can reach all areas of the unit for a thorough clean
  • Adjustable racks to fit any size load
  • Removable utensil basket
  • Fingerprint resistant – and easy to clean stainless steel surface
  • A quiet 45 DBAs
  • Water and energy efficient
  • Smart wash system that senses the soil level of the load and adjusts its cleaning cycle accordingly. 

Wine Refrigerator

And, just because you are upgrading you have to take a step outside your normal box and do something special – just for you. And that means adding a wine cooler to your list of kitchen appliances. How cool would it be to have that special place to house your wine, your beer, your liquor, or even just your waters, juices, and soda? Not only does it stand out and look great, but it also adds some functional convenience because it would free up your refrigerator and keep your wine at its optimal temperature.

THOR Kitchen has many different options to choose from, but for now, let’s look at the 24-inch dual-zone french door wine cooler that holds 42 bottles of wine – in two separated cooling zones (think red and white). Model number TWC2402 offers power, performance, and these features: 

  • Precise temperature control with an LED display
  • Maximum storage capacity of 42 bottles of wine
  • Pull out racks for easy access
  • Interior LED lighting for a beautiful showcase
  • Security lock for protection
  • Door alarm 
  • Charcoal filtration system to ensure air purity and cooling efficiency

Kitchen Appliance Suites

Upgrading the appliances in your kitchen is always fun and exciting, but it is an investment. For those looking to replace all the kitchen appliances, you may want to consider an appliance suite. This gives you all of your appliances but a better rate because you are buying them together as a package. Not only will it save you money, but it will give you one stunning, upgraded kitchen. 

What are you waiting for?