March 13, 2023 | Wall Ovens

The Benefits of a Modern Electric Wall Oven

The Benefits of a Modern Electric Wall Oven

Most kitchens have an oven that is part of a range. Nothing more, nothing less. And while this is a great – and necessary – addition to every home, it is just not as convenient or beneficial as a modern electric wall oven.            

Stop for a moment and think of all the professional cooking shows you have watched. Do you often see them bend down to get food out of the oven? Or, do you see them walk over to a beautifully positioned wall oven and slide out their dish? The latter is the most common. And for some, it is a dream.

So, what is it that these professional chefs know that everyone else doesn’t? Why do they turn to a wall oven rather than a range? 

Benefits of an Electric Wall Oven

There are many different benefits of having a wall oven in your kitchen, including: 

1. Size Control

You have more control over the size of your wall oven than you do over the oven that comes with your range. You may only have enough counter space for a 30-inch range, for instance, which leaves you with an oven that will fit that size. But if you have a wall – you have more control over the size of the wall oven you can get.

2. Stand Up

Unlike an oven found in a range underneath the stove, a wall oven won’t require you to bend over every time you want to put something in or take something out of the oven. These ovens are at eye level, which means they are much easier to monitor your cooking/baking and access it, too. And when it comes to removing a heavy casserole dish, for instance, it is much easier to do so standing up rather than bending down.

3. Options

You can have options when it comes to your wall oven. You can choose what size you want, what features you want, and where you want the oven to be installed. Because it isn’t part of a range, it doesn’t have to go to the pre-destined location in your kitchen.

4. Space Utilization

If you need an oven in addition to your range, then having a wall oven can give you the opportunity to have the extra appliance without taking up too much extra space. They make an excellent choice for an oven in a small kitchen space. Plus, you get to choose where you want the oven so that you can benefit from it while creating the best flow in your kitchen.

5. Seamless Design

Having a wall oven can increase the value of your home. It looks seamless and sleek – high-tech and out of this world. Because they are still not a highly-common appliance, when walking into a kitchen that has one, these ovens are often eye-catching.

Why Not Have Both?

It is not uncommon for kitchens to have both a range and a wall oven. This is especially true for chefs or bakers who spend time in the kitchen, making it very convenient. You can cook certain dishes in the range’s oven and others in the wall oven. This way, flavors don’t mingle or impact the taste of the food. 

While not every kitchen has the space to pull this off – if yours does, then go for it.

An Electric Oven is the Baker’s Choice

There is always a debate about which is better – gas or electric. And truth be told, while gas is suitable for certain appliances, electric is best for the oven. It gives you a steady flow of heat that then flows evenly throughout the space. As a result, you get a thoroughly and evenly baked dish.

It is not uncommon for chefs and experienced cooks to seek out an electric oven (rather than gas) for this very reason. After all, turning the dish at even intervals still doesn’t provide the guarantee that it will be perfectly baked. You can end up with certain areas more done than others – and maybe even some undercooked areas, too.

With an electric wall oven, you will get precise heat and thorough baking every time. 

THOR Kitchen’s 30-inch Electric Wall Oven

If you are sold on the idea of a wall oven and are currently staring at the walls in your kitchen to determine the best place for it to be installed, let’s talk about the best option – THOR Kitchen’s 30-inch electric wall oven. This unit boasts a 4.8 cubic foot oven with temps ranging from 3000W to 3500W that offers so much more than just space. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Touch-Glass Control Panel

The wall oven already looks seamless installed on the wall, and this feature only adds to it. Plus, it is a breeze to clean.

Multiple Convection Modes

Thanks to the convection fan that distributes a continuous, even flow of heat throughout the oven. Modes such as convection bake and convection roast allow for the dish to be quickly and thoroughly baked or cooked on all sides.

Easy-to-Clean Interior

The inside of the range is easy to clean, thanks to the stunning blue enamel inside. The hidden bake element also makes cleanup a cinch – while looking sleek, too. Did we mention that it also has a self-cleaning function that makes maintenance hassle-free?

Stainless-Steel Exterior

This shiny finish is both eye-catching and well-fitting with any kitchen decor or design style. It will also be in uniform with your other professional-looking stainless steel appliances. The finish is also easy to maintain and keep clean – even without the use of chemicals.

Shop THOR Kitchen for Electric Wall Ovens

If you have always dreamed of having a kitchen with a wall oven, then now may be your opportunity. You can enjoy all the perks of owning one – such as using your space wisely, having the size oven you’ve always wanted, and not ever having to bend over to get food out of the oven again. 

THOR Kitchen’s 30-inch professional wall oven in stainless steel is the appliance that is missing from your kitchen. Now, all you need to do is figure out where you should put it.