March 27, 2019 | Microwaves

What Is Over the Range Microwave?

Thor Kitchen HOR3001 – 30 Inch Over the Range Microwave

A microwave is an appliance of convenience. It can be used to cook food much faster than the stove or the oven. It’s handy, kid-friendly, and probably safe to say that nearly every home has one.

But what type of microwave suits your needs best? There are those that sit on your countertop. Others that are installed low, such as on the side of a kitchen island. And, then there are the over the range microwaves.

So, why would someone choose an over the range microwave? And, what is it exactly? That’s what we are going to look deeper at today.

What Is Over the Range Microwave?

If you are ready to get your kitchen a microwave – or a new one – you have some choices to consider. If an over the range microwave is the route you choose to go, then you have made a wise decision. See, many people immediately opt for the portable microwaves with seem to have a few benefits, such as cheaper in cost, does not require installation, can be easily accessible for kids, and are portable and compact. But cheaper and easier doesn’t always mean better, does it?

over the range microwave

An over the range microwave is going to require a bit more funds at the initial purchase, as many are considered to be more top of the line than their portable version. And, they will require some installation, as well. But the finished product is what truly matters. If you are seeking a microwave that you can add to your kitchen that will help maintain the seamless flow and elegance, then you know which type of microwave you need to choose: the over the range microwave.

Open Countertop Space

Countertop microwaves are just that – countertop microwaves. This means that they sit upon your countertop and take up space. Depending on how large your kitchen is and how much countertop space you have, this could be an incredible inconvenience.

Over the range microwaves help to open up this counter space and free you from having to have the big, bulky appliance just sitting there. Instead, installing it over your range gives it a more permanent look in your kitchen. And, it leaves you with more space to do your prep work and move more freely around the kitchen.

Installed Ventilation

Did you know that ventilation comes with an over the range microwave, but is not found in those countertop micros? Heavy cooking in your kitchen can lead to a lot of heat, steam, and air toxins that can fill the room as you cook. In place of purchasing and installing a range hood, an over the range microwave can help you clear this unwanted air, replacing it with fresh, clean, breathable air.

The added ventilation can further benefit you by reducing energy costs. Since you are removing the heat that comes with lots of cooking, you can count on not having your air conditioner to have to pick up the slack – and running up your electric bill.

Better Kitchen Flow

The layout of your kitchen has to be functional for you to get the most benefit. In other words, you cannot be running from one end of the kitchen to the other and back again, carrying hot food and trying to make sure your pot on the stove doesn’t boil over, etc. If your kitchen doesn’t have a good flow, it is just not going to work.

Placing a microwave on the counter away from the range is one of those interruptions to the flow. However, choosing to have it installed over the range means that you can handle what you have going on in the oven, on the stove, and in the microwave – without taking a step. This is how you can best manage your time in your kitchen and have it be more effective and efficient.

Sleek Design that is Easy to Clean

The seamless flow of the kitchen and the minimalistic approach to design is becoming ever so popular with new and newly remodeled kitchens. Often, the idea is to not have cluttered countertops. If you choose to go with a portable microwave, you are automatically messing with the flow of your smooth kitchen design.

Get your microwave off of your counter and up above your range. This will give you an easy flowing design through every party of your kitchen. In fact, depending on the models you choose, your microwave and range could appear as one appliance in itself. Talk about sleek design.

Also – these high-end microwaves are often made of metals that allow for easy cleaning. The result in a reduction of fingerprints and smudges, which can keep your kitchen looking swell.

A Look at the Specs

As we have discovered, not all over the range microwaves are created equal. But, to give you the idea of what you will find with one, Thor Kitchen offers a 30-inch wide, 1.7 cubic foot over the range microwave in stainless steel that is sure to grab your attention. Model HOR3001 comes with:

  • A professional door handle that can handle heavy use within your kitchen, day after day.
  • Sensor cooking that can help you keep from overcooking your food.  
  • Seven easy-to-use cook menus for some of the most popular items such as pizza, potato, meat, reheat, popcorn, beverages, vegetables.
  • Three “soften” options for cheese, ice cream, and butter.
  • Three defrost categories, including 1lb auto defrost, defrost by time, defrost by weight.
  • One-touch express cooking, from one to six minutes.
  • An eco-mode option helps you save energy.
  • A convenient kitchen timer helps you keep track of time for all your cooking needs in your kitchen, not just your microwave.

If you are in the market for an over the range microwave, you have made a great decision. Not only will this appliance choice benefit you with your cooking needs, but it will give your kitchen a look of seamless completion.