June 18, 2019 | Microwaves

Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen

Where to put Microwave in Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, you find it difficult to figure out where to place your new microwave.

Microwaves can take up space if they’re not installed in the designated areas in the kitchen, so we thought we might be able to provide some help.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at where to put microwave in small kitchen so you have some ideas for your own kitchen.

Where to Put a Microwave in a Small Kitchen

There are many important things that we debate in life. You know, what happens when we die, which Marvel character could save the world, whether plaid and floral print clash and so forth. But, it is not very often – if at all – that you hear someone want to have a conversation or debate about the best place to put a microwave.

It’s a microwave. It’s a great appliance for those who prefer doing things in a simple way that can bring the idea of near-instant gratification to life. And, in almost every kitchen, the microwave is just there – sitting on the countertop or over the range. No special location or architecturally designed area. It’s just there.

Or, so you thought.

Did you know that there are many places you can put your microwave in your kitchen? This is especially true for those with kitchens that lack a bit of extra space. So, small kitchen or not, some of these ideas may intrigue you.

  1. In a spare cabinet. If you would like to get your microwave out of the way, then it is possible to place it in a spare cabinet – assuming the size of your cabinets and the size of your microwave work well together. You can hide it away by simply shutting the door.

Of course, you will definitely want to keep in mind the fact that you will have to have access to an electrical outlet in the cabinet. Or, if you are handy, be able to run an extension cord or other access to it.

  1. In the corner of your counter. Do you know that space on your countertop where the two sides meet to form an angle? Often, this corner space is barely used. Why? Well, first, it usually goes back too far to reach so, unless you are taller than average, there is a good chance you don’t put too many commonly used items in that corner.

So, what does all that mean? It means it is a great place for your microwave! It is generally a barren area and by placing your microwave at an angle, you are able to access it easily.

  1. On a shelf. Placing your microwave on a shelf is a great option. This means you can place your shelf nearly anywhere in your kitchen. Just make sure it is wide enough and sturdy enough to support the size and weight of your microwave.
  2. In your island. Notice how we said in your island and not on your island? Because placing the microwave on the countertop of the island would be just the same as placing it on your regular countertop. Except because the island is usually in the middle of the kitchen, putting something as bulky as a microwave on the countertop would stick out, be distasteful, and likely disrupt the flow of your kitchen space.
  3. In your pantry. Yes, it is true! Your microwave can sit nicely in your pantry if you are looking for a place to store it out of sight – yet still, be able to use it when needed. Of course, it is important to make sure your pantry has electrical outlets and a safe, sturdy shelf that will hold the microwave without it falling.
  4. In a lower cabinet. I bet when we said “in a spare cabinet” up in number 1 on this list, you envisioned a cabinet at about eye level, right? It is ok. Most people do. Perhaps it is because we are used to seeing microwaves either on the counter or above the range.

Placing your microwave in a lower cabinet can be a unique spot – and the possibility opens you up to new options. For instance, it will give you use of the upper cabinets without being blocked by the microwave. Plus, if you have younger children, microwave cooking is one of the first, safer cooking methods for kids. Putting it at a low enough reach for their easy access could be very beneficial.

  1. Above your range. We’ve talked about it a few times throughout this article as one of the most common places for your microwave. But, when you are referring to a small kitchen, your kitchen probably offers space above the range or countertop to install an over the range microwave.

One of the reasons this choice for microwave placement has become so popular is that it makes the range and microwave appear as though they are one unified appliance. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also space conserving.

  1. Simply put on the counter. Another very popular choice, you can put your microwave on your countertop. It doesn’t have to be in a busy area where you do a lot of your food prep. You can place it off to the side. Or, depending on how often you use it for cooking and how convenient you want it, you can place it closer to your stove, refrigerator, and the like.

There is no rule book that says you have to hide your microwave. If you use it and want it convenient, then just put it on the counter.

  1. On or in its own stand. Whether you purchase a designated microwave stand or another piece of furniture that you would like to use as such, having your microwave off to the side and on/in its own stand can be very handy. Of course, as long as you have a space for it – and it is not disrupting the flow or layout of your kitchen.

Some stands even come with wheels so you can maneuver the cart wherever is most convenient for you. In other words, you can leave it out for day-to-day use, but when it comes time to hosting company, you can always wheel it on out to make your kitchen space seem larger and less disrupted.

Microwaves are a pretty important addition to your kitchen. By using some of these ideas, you should be able to find a place to store it, no matter how small your space is.