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Why a Wine Cooler is the Best Way to Store Wine

Why a wine cooler is the best way to store wine

What did you do with the last bottle of wine you bought? Did you put it in the refrigerator? On top of the fridge? In the super cute wine rack you picked up that fits perfectly on your window sill? Or did you just leave it sitting right there on your counter until you decided to drink it? When it comes to storage, wine drinkers do some things with their wine that make connoisseurs cringe. So, what is the best way to store wine?

If you want the best-tasting wine, you need to store it properly. That means, hands down, that you need a wine cooler. And we’re going to tell you why.

Wine Coolers Provide Both Long and Short-Term Storage

Wine cellars are amazing, but they aren’t the type of thing that everyone has in their house. If you do, wonderful. It’s one of the best ways to store wine long-term. That is over six months. It is common for wine that is being stored and not served to remain stored in a cellar while having the wine intended to be frequently accessed to be housed in a wine cooler for convenience. In other words, just because you have a wine cellar doesn’t mean you don’t need a wine cooler, too.

If you are like most, though, you don’t have a wine cellar. Don’t fret. This is absolutely fine. You do not need a wine cellar to have fantastic tasting wine. Investing in a good wine cooler gives you access to storage for both the short and long term. And it stores your wine in optimal conditions for optimal flavor.

Choosing the Right Temperature

A good wine cooler will allow you to make adjustments to the temperature. After all, the temperature of your storage should coincide with the type of wine you are drinking. This plays a huge role in the aging process and, if not set properly, can interfere with the taste of the wine. You need a reliable place for storage that will not fluctuate in temperature. For instance, if you place your wine in the refrigerator, every time you open that refrigerator door throughout the day, it will cause that temperature to change – thus, potentially impacting the taste of the wine.

Red wines like Pinot Noir should be stored between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit whereas others, such as Malbec, are best stored between 63 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. White wines should be stored at slightly colder temperatures than reds. Tart wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, should be stored between 48 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit. But other whites, like a Chardonnay, do best stored between 58 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Rose and sparkling wines should be stored between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Having options is always a good thing. Investing in a wine cooler that allows you dual cooling zones will give you the capability to store both red and white wines at their optimal temperature – at the same time.

Perfect Conditions For Storage

There are other conditions for storage that are just as important as temperature. And that includes having a space that has consistent humidity, no vibrations, no access to UV lights, and the like.

If you have ever taken a close look at wine, you will notice there is often a good amount of sediment in the bottom of a bottle. When it is stored in a space that has vibrations, such as when your refrigerator kicks on, it can stir up this sediment and speed up the aging process of the wine. This is sure to impact the overall flavor.

Humidity is important for corks. Without it, the cork can crumble or dry out, allowing air to enter the bottle of wine. As it does, it can ruin the taste of your bottle of wine very quickly. But you don’t want to have too much humidity, or it can impact the labels and become too moist. Ideally, your humidity level should be between 60 and 68 percent.

Storing your wine in a dark place is the most ideal. Going back to those sediments, having too many UV rays can impact the aging process and cause the taste to be impacted greatly.

A wine cooler offers the perfect conditions for storage. It will not only house your wine at the proper temperature, but it does so without vibrations, at the right level of humidity, and in a space that is free from damaging UV lights.

Store Your Wine Horizontally

It is not uncommon to see bottles of wine in the liquor store standing up vertically. While that may be ok for a short period of time, you want to store your wine horizontally for the ultimate taste and flavor, as well as proper aging.

Storing it on its side keeps the cork a little moist, which, as we discussed above, is important for keeping the bottle sealed. Wine coolers offer horizontal storage that also provides all the other perfect conditions you need to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine whenever the mood strikes.

24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 162 Wine Bottle Capacity
24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 162 Wine Bottle Capacity

Wine Coolers You Need

So, where do you find a wine cooler that is dependable and effective at giving you the best tasting wine at just the right temperature every time? We’ve got just the thing you need. Whether you are looking for something small that has one temperature throughout, or you are looking for a larger dual unit with two temperatures, Thor Kitchen has just the right wine cooler for you. Below are a few stainless steel beauties you won’t want to miss.

24-Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler (holds 162 bottles)

24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler (holds 46 bottles)

24-inch Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler (holds 42 bottles)

24-inch French Door Wine Cooler and Beverage Center (holds 21 bottles and 95 cans}

15-inch Single Zone Wine Cooler (holds 33 bottles)

18-inch Single Zone Wine cooler (holds 40 bottles)

Each of these units provides the most ideal conditions for wine storage or the best way to store wine. They are built with longevity in mind – and they look beautiful too.

The Best Way to Store Wine is with THOR Kitchen

Now that you know the best way to store wine, it’s time to invest in a wine cooler to do just that.

All you have to decide is just how serious you want your wine collection to be. Will you store 33 bottles? Or 162?

No matter which, you can start by finding a THOR dealer near you.